Create Your Own Mosaic

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This multi-touch table application was created for an exhibit at The Field Museum, Natural Wonders: A Roman Mosaic from Lod, Israel. Visitors to the exhibition space can view the real mosaic floor (found accidentally during construction in 1996) and then create their own mosaic, learning about the significance of the drawings while making a beautiful design of their own which they can send to themselves via email. Create Your Own Mosaic was designed for collaborative play using familiar gestures like drag, scale, and rotate.

Role: Programmer
Personal Achievements:

  • Programmed in Flash/ActionScript 3.0
  • Integrated GestureWorks library (a multi-touch framework for Flash)
  • Content integrated via XML
  • Gestures incorporated: Drag, Scale, and Rotate
  • Cropped screenshots of completed mosaics to save for “aha” moment
  • Secure touch keyboard via OpenExhibits
  • Ability for visitors to email completed mosaics to themselves and others