Multi-touch Table

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Our multitouch table project consisted of a map of Los Angeles-area cultural institutions. This map tool was intended for visitors to L.A. during a conference, the annual meeting of the American Association of Museums. The main goal of many of these attendees was to visit as many museums and cultural organizations as possible. Since L.A. is so spread out, our team thought it would be useful to provide an interactive map with information about each of the various locations such as visiting hours, addresses, and photographs, as well as a way for people to orient themselves within our big city and feel comfortable navigating their way.

Role: Lead Programmer
Personal Achievements:

  • Programmed in Flash/ActionScript 3.0
  • Integrated GestureWorks library (a multitouch framework for Flash) and Google Maps API
  • Gestures incorporated: Tap, Move, Rotate, Zoom, Scale, and Flick
  • Customized design of points and labels on map
  • Created a central control of zoomable map through a shared interface
  • Tethered information windows to points on map
  • Integrated video and images through XML

Read about the project on Iris, the Getty’s blog.